I’m looking for a solution to loop animation in Spine infinitely

In After Effects, I can use Expressions (Javascript) to achieve this
In Autodesk Maya I could do this for example;
• Lets say you’re tasked with animating 200 frames of a biped fairy with flapping wings
• In Maya you would animate the wings flapping in a loop, lets say 30 frames
• Then you select the animation curves on the wings and click loop infinite
• That way the wing animation loops infinitely IE the animation plays for the full 200 frames only using 30 frames of hand keyed animation.
Then I can hand animate the other body mechanics in their own loop for the full 200 frames
Is there any options in Spine to achieve something similar?
Because I haven't found a solution and would have to copy and paste the wing animation poses across 200 frames.
I am trying to work out how I can avoid having to copy and paste the same animation data over time.
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Unfortunately, Spine does not have the features you have described, but instead you can combine animations at runtime. You can see how they are combined at runtime starting at 8:24 in the video below:

In the Spine editor, the preview view allows animations to be played using many of the same controls that are available at runtime:
Preview view - Spine User Guide: Preview view

However, it is currently difficult to play each track with precise playback timing in the preview view. Thus, we have plans to improve it in the future version. Here is the issue ticket for this:

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