Hey everyone!
I am an animator for games and 2D rigged animation is my favorite! I'm hoping to use spine to make game characters and also bring some of the digital art I've created to life!
I have a few questions before I purchase the software, and I'm hoping some of you ultra helpful people can answer them.

1. Is there a way to set the default curves in spine to Bezier? I almost never want linear keyframes, but can't seem to figure out how to make bezier default.

2. Is there a discord channel for Spine users? Can I get an invite if so <3

3. How does spine hold up when compared to Moho? I've downloaded both trials, and moho seems to have a better user interface, they also seem to have a better social media presence. I talked to some game industry folks who swear by spine though, so I'm wondering what you guy think as spine users. Have you ever tried moho?

Thanks in advance :)
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1. We have it on our roadmap, the enhancement is here.
When you set a key between two existing keys, the curve type of the earlier of the existing keys determines the curve type of the new key. When the curve type is Bezier, Spine does "curve splitting", where the new key is Bezier and the handles adjusted so the Bezier curve between the existing keys doesn't change.

When you set a key after the last existing key, the last key's curve type is set to the curve type before it.

When you set a key before the first existing key, the new key's curve type is set to the curve type after it.

The only time a "default curve type" setting would be used is when setting the second key on a timeline.
2. There is a Discord, though it's not official. You can find it here:

3. We are, of course, going to be biased toward Spine. I've never tried Moho, I've only watched the video on their homepage.

Our UI is custom, written from scratch to behave how we want it. We put a lot of effort into polish/details to make using the UI nice, something that may not be apparent until working with Spine a while. Also Spine is very stable, we periodically slow adding new features to ensure our software is solid.

Spine is designed for specifically for games while most similar tools are designed for cartooning with games as an afterthought. We provide runtimes so Spine animations can be brought into game toolkits and behave the same way. Using our own runtimes instead of a generic format like FBX allows us to have features FBX can't support and to provide runtime APIs for mixing and layering animations and manipulating skeletons dynamically.

I'm not sure what's great about Moho's social media, but Spine's support and community can't be beat. :)

To really compare Spine with other tools, you'll need to animate something similar to your actual project in each and also go through putting it into your game. Only then will you have a decent idea of each tool's workflow from start to finish.

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Thanks for the info!!
After more research, you're right! Spine is the way to go, especially for games. I'm going to purchase it after I finish all the tutorials. The user interface is actually superior and I like that each component, while doing entirely different things, can be found in an obvious place and tends to have the same input and output to make them work unlike some programs (cough cough MAYA)
I'm so glad there is a discord as well.
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