Hey there! I haven't seen this posted anywhere or in the change log, but no worries if it's already on your radar! Also let me know if I'm just absolutely doing something wrong.

The Bug:

Fairly straight forward, if I Export or use the Texture Packer and change the scale of the atlas using Nearest, it will be scaled I think using Bilinear or Bicubic?

some examples via my own project:
- when I export our atlas that is 4096 x 4096 (the original 1.0 scale of the assets) the lines are not anti-aliased. however at any other scale when the resample option is set to "nearest" or any other, there is anti-aliasing.


1. Open any project (spine boy example project works fine)
2. Spine Menu -> Export
3. Pack Settings
4. In "Output:" change "Scale:" to 3 and "Resample:" to Nearest
4b. Make sure the images packed will fit within the Max Width & Max Height
5. Press Ok
6. Press Export
7. Look closely at produced atlas

Thanks for any help!
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Good find! This has been fixed in 3.8.53-beta. Cheers! :beer:

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Thank you! :beer:
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