Is there a way to save the original value?

hello. :)

It would be nice to have such a feature in Spine.

This is a problem when rigging.

When combining different images into a single bone, sometimes there is a deformation value of the bone you set up.

At this point, after combining the bone and image, I want to return it to its original setup.

In Blender, a 3d program, there is a shortcut key to return to the original value with ALT+G,S,R. I think it would be good to set up and combine freely in Spine and return it to the original. ;)
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You can use the favor tool on the Graph view for that purpose. The favor slider has modes that control how the keys are moved, and if you set the mode as Setup, you can move keys toward the setup pose value. The details for each mode can be found in the user guide:
Graph - Spine User Guide: Favor

Also, you can control the mode switching and moving the favor slider via the keyboard by editing the hotkeys.txt:
Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 15.52.10.png

I hope this will help you.
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