I work with Beta. yesterday I got update for 3.8.13. which brought a little problems.

- Cant create clipping masks
- Cant create paths
- In weights View seems that ctrl button is pressed
- Cant import json file that was exported from script
- When tried to downgrade the project couldn't import json file which as exported from 3.8.13.

Please let me know if I need to go into more details.

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Hello! thanks for helping us out finding bugs,

3.8.13 is now able to import new assets exported with the PhotoshopToSpine script directly inside the skeleton, populating the correct slots and creating new skins where necessary.
This required a change in the json format, therefore the new json format can't be imported in older versions. The same goes for the reverse: the new import requires jsons to be created following the new format. You can try the new PhotoshopToSpine script here: spine-scripts/photoshop at 3.8-beta · EsotericSoftware/spine-scripts

I've confirmed the weights view bug, nice catch!

The other bugs (clipping and paths) were known and will be soon fixed alongside the others!
Thank you for taking your time to help Spine become better :D


:fiesta: Fixed in 3.8.14! :fiesta:

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